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Common Hvac Myths & Tips

AC is important for most people. As temperatures increase, you will require the cooling relief which only an air conditioner system can provide. The technology has been around for countless years, there are lots of myths surrounding the most convenient way to maximize energy efficiencies as well as make the most from an air conditioning system. Here we will have a look at few of these myths as well as what the real truth.

You will keep electricity costs lower by purchasing an energy saving unit.

This one is complicated. It is wise to purchase a power efficient air conditioner, however, to be able to improve those features as well as always keep your consumption low, you will need the assistance of an experienced installer. Be it a basic window-mounted unit or perhaps an entirely built-in central air conditioning system, a specialist will know all the tips to make sure that you are getting the best possible overall performance out of the new installation. Wrong installations may result in a lot of wasted energy as well as money.

If you switch off your AC, it will not make use of any energy.

Deceptive. Just as other household appliances, such as a television, microwave, or perhaps coffee machine, minimal amounts of energy continue to be used so long as the device is plugged in. The only means to stop it from taking place is to unplug every one of the electronics or perhaps make use of a specially created power socket.

You should turn the temperature down as low as possible to cool down a room faster.

Not true. AC cool down a room at the same rate regardless of what. If you wish to lower the room temperature by 20 degrees, it will eventually not happen any faster by reducing the temps on the system. It is always the right idea to set the thermostat at the temperature range you would like the room to be at in the end, and then have a little patience while your AC does its job. Things will be nice as well as cool before you realize it.

Installation position doesn’t really matter.

There are lots of places in your house in which an AC will be much more effective than it otherwise would be. Speak with an air conditioning repair expert to figure out the perfect installation location in your home. Majority of experts agree that you need to find a shaded area under to install the unit. Additionally, you do not want to cover your compressor in bushes, this reduces the level of airflow you will get from the unit as well as increases the number of particles that will get in and block the fan. These are not all the myths surrounding an air conditioning unit, but we are able to discuss few of those myths above.

There are so many guidelines through which you can keep your house cool, especially in the hot and humid conditions. So, we are going to discuss most important ones below

Myth: If your Air Conditioner is Turning On, it means it is absolutely fine.

Reality: Whenever there is a situation when you hear or notice something unusual noise or event don’t simply neglect it. Call the expert of Air Conditioner and let them figure out the problem before it turns up into substantial problem

Myth: Bigger Air Conditioner offers more comfort as compared to the small Air Conditioner.

Reality:  The main purpose of the fan is to circulate air rather than cool the air.

Myth: Bigger Air Conditioner offers more comfort as compared to the small Air Conditioner.

Reality: Not Accurate at all. Air Conditioner dehumidify air rather than cool air. Size of an air conditioner matters but not only the single thing to care about. There are numerous others factors like windows, insulation, air leakage and characteristics of the roof which should have to take into consideration.

Myth: You may waste your time as well as money in order to service your air conditioner

Reality:  Totally false. Air Conditioner always require breathing. In order to keep your air conditioner efficient and smooth, you should regularly clean it as simple as that.

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